"The benefits of this method are so great that the power of punishment will be terrible beyond imagination. Plus, this method is the first time that the power of punishment will rise again."

"It is extremely unlikely that you will succeed in this method!"
"In your opinion, it’s safest for you to choose another innate Tao and practice it until the pick of Jin Xian is complete."
The birth of the extraordinary method is bound to be followed by disaster. The more extraordinary the disaster, the greater the benefit of this method. So many white tigers and sacred beasts count carefully and suddenly feel that something is wrong. They quickly said to Feng Zichen
"hmm? And I never thought of this. "The wind in my heart made Zichen salute the white tiger holy beast and said," Thank you for waking Zichen up! "
He really didn’t expect that this method was unprecedented before. Once this world is bound to have twists and turns, he didn’t expect so many twists and turns.
"Congenital Five Elements Road is good, but it is one of the best roads in the wild."
"From ancient and modern times, I have heard of someone with five elements and one certificate, but I have never heard of someone with five elements and one certificate, so it can be seen that the five elements have not yet been taken."
"You can specialize in this way. Once you achieve a great achievement, you will be a master as good as the innate way of rebellion!"
Nodding his head, the White Tiger Holy Beast pointed out to Feng Zichen such a secret mystery. He told Feng Zichen that it would take him a long time to understand …
"Five elements of Taoism without witness?" The wind zichen some doubt asks.
That’s a congenital five-element road, and the real top road is all-inclusive, giving birth to all things, and the world is the most powerful of all!
No one is practicing!
"It’s true that people in the wild have made great achievements."
"The instability of the world’s nascent five elements in Archaean times made it unexpectedly difficult to cultivate the Five Elements Road."
Chapter one hundred and ten Magic Tactics
"And the birth of the congenital five-element road and the accidental fall of the innate ghost in the hands of fierce beasts made the five-element road moan not only gradually fall into silence."
"Since then, people in Archaean times have cultivated the innate five-element Tao!"
"In ancient times, I waited for five people to take charge of Gankun, separate the five parties and suppress the five elements avenue so that people could become enlightened."
"Nowadays, there are thousands of innate gods and demons who have achieved the success of the five elements, and they firmly suppress the five elements so that people can become Tao."
Facing the wind, Zichen wondered that the white tiger holy beast was not half-intolerant, but patiently explained to him
It is his indifference that does not match.
"Holy Father, after hearing what you said, how do I feel that it is more difficult to practice this innate five-element Tao than to rebel against it the day after tomorrow!"
Listen to the white tiger holy beast wind zichen some said with a wry smile
It’s strange that he thinks so. That’s thousands of pick Jin Xian!
If you want to prove that you are born with five elements, the first thing you have to do is to defeat these pick-ups and leave the brand on the avenue.
Only then can you become a Taoist!
But when will thousands of pick Jin Xian fight, even if they are halfway through, they will be exhausted before they can be proved.
Moreover, there is a dispute between right and wrong in the avenue. Then those pick Jin Xian will not care about anything, and they will never hug Zichen alone and tear him to pieces.
It’s no wonder that people can be enlightened in such a difficult situation. Is there such a thing as directly proving that Taoism is not good?
"It is more difficult for others; But it’s different for you! "
Smiling, the white tiger holy beast said, "I am waiting for five people to be the masters of the five elements. With my help, you can safely prove that you don’t have to worry about it!" "
"The Holy Father loves Zichen with great care!"
Smell speech wind zichen face big hurriedly thank way
This is the advantage of the background. Without the help of the Five Elements Holy Beast, it would be a dream if he wanted to prove the congenital Five Elements Tao by himself.
"It’s nothing compared to the surprise you brought to Zun!"
Shaking his head, the white tiger holy beast said with some surprise that it was just a matter of lifting a finger for him.
It may not be difficult to invite a statue of the Five Elements Holy Beast alone, but it is somewhat difficult to let the Five Elements Holy Beast shoot at the same time.
I’m afraid there will be wind in today’s flood, and Zichen can have this face.
"Well, let’s not talk about this. When you preach, we will feel something and go to the avenue to help you!"
See the wind zichen will continue to say something white tiger holy beast with the wave and said
"And you have passed the test of respect and given you some benefits, which have been accepted by you or have something to do with your Terran!"
Said the white tiger holy beast took out a book of jade and handed it to Feng Zichen.
The jade book is white and bright, and its face is engraved with innate Taoist patterns. It is mysterious and unpredictable, and there is innate Geng Jin gas. It is miraculous that all kinds of weapons are constantly flying.
"Thank the holy one!"
Took the jade book from the white tiger holy beast, and a ray of white mountain flashed in it. The information automatically appeared in Zichen’s heart.
The magic formula is born from birth, and the Taoist scriptures have incredible power to manipulate the weather and evolve various magic weapons.