Several ancient emperors smiled at each other, spoke with relief and looked free and easy.

"Gentlemen, follow me to kill heaven!"
The Great Warrior raised his arms and waved the battle flag.
The once broken road to heaven reappeared, and the emperor led the soldiers who cut the sky to climb this ancient road covered with corpses again!
"War, war!"
In the era of fighting, the friar’s fighting spirit is rolling and killing the sky!
The Great Warrior of that time failed to complete this road to heaven and died.
In this life, the Great Warrior took the soul of several monks who had cut heaven and then went to heaven to kill him!
In nine days, Xuan Nv the Great, Jiuyou the Great, Luo Tian the Great, Light the Great, Darkness the Great, Stars the Great, including Sumo also set foot on the stars!
"Kill kill!"
In front of Su Mo and an ancient emperor, nine roads to heaven were carved out, and the front of the banner fluttered and shone brightly, pointing to heaven!
In addition to many forms of soul, there are also strong monks from all major interfaces in Dengtian Road.
Wild arms and blood butterfly battle flags are combined in one place.
Ten battle flags are like ten flaming torches, which light up at night and lead the way.
There are several figures in all parts of the 3,000-square world rising like tiny glimmers flying towards the torch at the front of Dengtian Road!
The fire is getting stronger and stronger!
This scene is extremely shocking!
Nine roads to heaven are like the winding world, and nine fire dragons are burning towards the end of darkness!
The patriarch’s facial expression is backed by a large array of ghosts, and most of his face is in the dark, and his face is flickering with fire.
The appearance of an ancient emperor, the arrival of this group of monks who cut the sky, was really not what he expected
But Fang is a group of ghosts no matter how many people there are.
There is still no threat to him.
That Sumo is an emperor, and even at his peak, he is no match for him.
He is the emperor of thousands of worlds in the Tao!
This piece of heaven and earth is absolutely shaken by a newcomer Su Mo and this group of ghosts.
Although think so, his heart is still faintly feel a little uneasy.
It seems that something is getting out of his control!
He didn’t think much about it when the war started.
"Kill me!"
The patriarch’s eyes are new and complete.
The order of the court patriarch should have rushed to the major interface armies such as the witch world, the blood world, the tomb world and the life world, but there was a little stagnation.
Courtyard patriarch eyes a horizontal.
He saw a little resistance and hesitation in the strong face of these interfaces.
The patriarch suddenly found that he seemed to underestimate the influence of these ancient emperors in the 3,000 realms, and also underestimated the martial arts fire that spilled in the 3,000 realms in the year of Wudang!
Even the monks in the wizard world, the blood world, the tomb world and the living world still have people who know right and wrong with justice in their hearts.
When the darkness is shrouded, this little justice is buried deep in their hearts and they dare not expose it easily.
However, justice and conscience in these people’s hearts are gradually awakened when the banner of several words is raised on the side of Fang!
The small pieces of fire were lit and shimmered and gradually moved closer to the square torch!
When these shimmers come together, they have the power of dark confrontation!
"You …"
Courtyard patriarch surly.
He suddenly found that no one seemed to want to be around him, even though he was the emperor of thousands of worlds in the Taoist temple!
He has become a real loner!
"You also want to disobey me! Huh? "
Courtyard patriarch heart fade big sheng look some ferocious.
Most of the time, he looks like a man with a smile on his face.
Because of his planning, he has everything under control.
And at the moment he has been completely rude!