Just when Feng Zichen tried to figure out the meaning of Sanqing, new changes took place in the vast world.

I saw that the source of the avenue that overflowed from the congenital road fell into the wild world and gradually filled the world. After that, the weather resonated and there was a trend of integration
After pollution, the source of the weather avenue is undergoing an amazing transformation, from congenital to acquired
It wasn’t long before these avenues evolved, and there was a new set of avenues in heaven and earth, which was completely different from the acquired avenue.
Wow …
Quiet heaven has come.
The power spread over there gradually wrapped up the new life and the acquired road.
Then amazing changes happened!
Tiandaoli helped the new student to perfect the acquired skills at a speed visible to the naked eye, and soon evolved his own acquired rules and gave birth to a huge rule, which enveloped the vast world.
That moment
Heaven and earth are really different!
The innate breath gradually disappears and is replaced by a completely different breath.
It is the day after tomorrow!
At this moment, the acquired way replaced the innate way and became the pillar of the universe.
Buzzing …
Inexplicably, there is a deep sadness in the world, which seems to mourn the glory of the innate era.
Even the innate ten thousand ways have been replaced by the acquired ten thousand ways, so the trace that the universe belongs to the innate era is really completely gone.
This time, the congenital era is really a thing of the past in the memory of all beings.
"What a big deal!"
At this time, including Feng Zichen’s great magical powers, they finally lost their eyes.
This is a new world!
Isn’t it a change of scenery to completely change the rules of Tiandi Avenue?
This three clean-ups really became the ancestor of the acquired era, and Zichen, the ancestor of the later heaven, pursued the wind directly.
However, Sanqing’s doing this is not without cost, but even their status has been taken away to make it completely history.
How can you not hate Sanqing for your innate ten thousand ways?
Maybe the innate ten thousand ways can’t resist the three clean-ups, but their brother is down with blood mildew.
In the future, unless Sanqing’s younger brother can create a congenital Tao by himself or become a mixed yuan Luo Jinxian, they won’t be able to understand the innate Tao.
Heaven and earth are born with thousands of ways, which will label the Sanqing people and always face the avenue gate.
Want to be born with thousands of ways to prove the Tao?
Wake up and stop dreaming!
Sanqing people are hopeless.
But it is also called
Anyway, it doesn’t matter to the brothers of Sanqing that they have long been taught by the master whether to cultivate the innate ten thousand ways or not.
On the contrary, it is the day after tomorrow that makes them see the possibility of a closer step.