But Mr. Tieer impatiently pointed to the smiling face like a flower in the middle school and warned Mr. Dazu Langjun, "Well, wow ~ in the future, she will be a sister-in-law, so watch your step, okay?" No big or little … "

"I am angry!" Big eye husband suddenly rage is a lift the iron ear elders on one side of the forehead hair instant pull an iron ear.
He pointed to the fact that at the moment, one ear was shocked and angry, and the elder iron ear covered his side face and scolded, "Nong’s face is sour and Confucian ears are gone. Why do you call yourself Mr. Iron ear when you wear a false ear all day?" Bah ~ shame! "
See two people fighting jealously.
You Yingying didn’t hold back laughing at the moment, but in water curtain cave, she laughed and argued. They cheered and wished they could fight to the death.
In an instant, Mr. Lang Jun and Mr. Tie Er, who were relatively glaring, woke up with a sudden start and held their breath and looked at you Yingying.
Obviously, they had become crazy in love by smelling the faint lotus fragrance.
At the moment, you Yingying never thought that these two people would recover so quickly.
This lotus fragrance is a self-defense object given by the saint, but now I have to think about it, but I haven’t recovered before the two of them.
It’s not that this lotus fragrance doesn’t work, but that these two people are taller than her. If they are not greedy, it is unknown whether the effect is shorter or not.
See the big eye husband huffed thoughtfully "good … good means to fan incense and confuse us both! Eat me first! "
After saying his word, he has turned around like a gyro, and the crescent blade, the magic weapon of the spiritual order, has turned around like a silver arc and gone towards Yingying.
You Yingying is a six-layer sword cultivation of Ningxing, but it is unpredictable to win or lose the metaphysical cultivation of Ningxing.
It is time to be vigilant.
Seeing her urging the spirit force to stab the silver spirit sword around her wrist like a silver net, she was greeted with great spirit, and at the same time spilled out the sharp sword shadow.
This battle between the blade and the sword is dazzling to the spectators-
The flying back and forth curved blade instrument is a crescent moon; Dancing and dancing, the whole body is covered with silver awns, and the shadow is like a silver spirit.
When the blade mans sword shadow first met, it was a fight. I don’t know who is deep and who is shallow.
The crescent moon is like a wheel that wants to be cut and broken; The silver spirit is like a bright cover, so you can’t get close to it.
At that time, Jin Ming roared outside, an offensive continued and a steady mountain.
Seeing that his magic weapon had failed for a long time, the big-eyed husband urged the spiritual force to drink again. "Is it more time to stay still at this time?"
Elder Tieer’s knowledge and experience also urged Lingda to show his hands with two feet of iron and drink elegantly, "Look at my bamboo slips!"
In an instant, this exhibition of iron slips spread out thirty-two and a half feet, and iron ruler whipped like a wave to swim Yingying.
You Yingying sees 32 vertical fans of iron ruler, and it’s a wheel to turn to yourself, and it’s impossible to expose the fog like a cloud.
So I had to move my mind and step on it, saying, "Lotus shadow magic dance to see my magical power-spirit dance sword!" "
Just then, before 32 days later, Jane called, her feet were weathered, and the lotus grew into a shadow step by step, and the sword danced in all directions and attacked like a sword in two places.
At the moment, the parents have their own way, though they cover the lotus shadow sharply.
However, I don’t know that spiritual sword dancing is a kind of posture and speed, and the avatar can make his speed explode to unimaginable levels for a short time, thus creating many illusions that seem to be different.
The wandering spirit, the sword-dancing avatar, and the changeable magical power can’t get through this way. The two of them are really looking for their true place.
But I saw the 32-day-old gang feet rising and falling like a serpent wagging its tail; The crescent blade’s sharp edge flies like a silver ring. Although the illusion is shattered, the real body is repelled by this avatar for half a foot, playing the moon wheel sword and fighting out!
Most of this metaphysical practice relies on magic weapons, less spiritual practice, and ordinary skill. It’s a short-term advantage to call Jian Xiu close to attack.
Spring people’s parents are famous for their mountains. I never thought that this joint effort could not take this small six-story girl and call it a highlight!
They were frightened to disgrace and rushed to save Huiyuan.
The seven phantoms were strangled and extinguished by magic weapons in an instant, but there were still two phantoms dancing swords in front of them.
Although the parents know that there must be a shadow in this, they can’t tell the truth from the truth for a while.
Even if one shadow is forcibly shattered, it will appear strangely again, and the other one seems to be endless!
Anyone who knows this magical power will know that this phantom is a visual afterimage produced by Jian Xiu’s extremely fast dancing back and forth.
That is to say, both are virtual shadows and neither is.
Once you attack, a real person will suddenly emerge from another virtual shadow and give a fatal blow.
If you don’t have the ability to destroy all the phantoms in one fell swoop, it is not wise to attack any phantoms, but only to defend yourself.
But … Obviously, the two elders in the Spring Cave were not confused at the moment and wanted to find out who you were.
When this crisis came, the iron ear elders suddenly moved to the side, not only with one hand, but also with the other hand, they resisted the consternation and exclaimed, "Nong …! ?”
Elder Tieer grimaced and said, "Oh ~ I’ll borrow your brother’s body."
Suddenly, two phantoms stabbed with swords.
Poof ~!
When the blood splashes five steps, there are two terrible blood holes in the abdomen of the big-eyed elder’s heart almost at the same time
Vertical and horizontal firm but gentle has twisted the insides into a paste …