Terran masters who arrived here around were shocked and speechless when they saw this scene.

Chapter 10 Zichen Cave
Daowen kept jumping like he was happy to be born.
The wind zichen reached the Ziwei peak one after another, and then the new Taoist text appeared and automatically flew to Ziwei peak.
When Daowen fell into Ziweifeng, he slowly stopped his promotion because of exhaustion of innate essence, and Ziweifeng changed.
A force of heaven and earth came to Ziwei Peak to help it ascend into the cave, and the mysterious world became more and more powerful as more Taoist texts were created by Zichen and fell into Ziwei Peak.
Heaven and earth force pours out from the depths of the earth, and more pulses gush out from the virtual space. First of all, the stars in the weather star bloom brightly and all come together to Ziwei Peak.
In the rumbling sound, all the roads are intertwined and the purple peaks are branded with their own traces.
The barrier is transformed into a light curtain, which covers the purple peak, which is the boundary wall and the boundary of the cave and the sky
Its formation represents that Ziweifeng has formed its own world. Although it relies on the vast land, it is not in the vast land but in the virtual border.
The rapidly expanding purple peak in the boundary wall also becomes higher and stronger, while the external purple peak is still as big as usual.
Immersed in creating Taoist texts, Zichen couldn’t feel the passage of time, and when he woke up from the Taoist realm, it was twelve years later.
One hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred Taoist texts are resplendent and exuberant, and they are just in line with the one-dollar brand Ziwei Peak.
And Ziweifeng has been completely promoted to the heavens and the earth, standing in the emptiness and emptiness, visible and untouchable.
Suddenly, Ziweifeng’s innate light flies out, intertwining and merging with each other, and finally forms an innate immortal light that falls into Ziweifeng’s innate spirit pool and derives twenty-three forbidden gods.
This is-congenital Lingbao!
I didn’t expect that the innate aura of those innate beasts would merge with each other to produce an innate immortal aura, which just happened to give birth to a Chinese innate spiritual treasure. This is really a pleasant surprise
Sensing the wind, Zichen woke up in high school, full of profound moral integrity, and half of them went to Wen Fei and half flew to him.
Wanted to think, the wind Zichen waved his hand and immediately condensed into a ball, wrapped in Xuan Huang Gong De Qi, and fell to Ziweifeng’s innate spirit pool.
A soft golden light flashed across the innate spirit pool, regenerating ten gods and forbidding transformation, and possessing thirty-three first gods and forbidding merits and virtues.
The wind zichen fought back her heartache and waved her hand again to fly to his half-Xuan Huang’s virtue and gas, which collapsed and melted into the cave.
The cave expands again, and the laws of heaven and earth accelerate the evolution, which is more stable. Lingquan gushes out from the ground and all kinds of exotic flowers and plants grow wildly, while the stars in the cave project and emerge, and the starlight accelerates the evolution of the cave
At this time, the Terran people came forward and said excitedly, "This is a cave? My Terran actually has a cave, which is a sign of Terran prosperity! "
At that time, many Terran masters shouted with excitement like children.
Feng Zichen smiled and understood that they didn’t speak to interrupt them, but silently stepped aside and closed their eyes to sort out this income.
In order to create a Taoist style, Zichen has been in a state of harmony, and all kinds of avenue sentiments have automatically emerged in his mind, which has made him gain a lot and turned the clues in his former mind into magical powers.
Now the cave is evolving, just take this opportunity to sort it out.
Seeing this, the surrounding Terran masters consciously lightened the sound and walked aside to disturb the wind Zichen.
In a blink of an eye, several years have passed.
On this day, Ziweifeng suddenly flew out a jade seal and fell into the hands of Feng Zichen.
The jade seal is full of purple, and the purple peak is located. The word "Zichen" is engraved on the square, which is a spiritual treasure that is forbidden by the gods after thirty times.
This thing is the treasure of Zichen Cave. This seal can be made into Zichen Cave. The Lord of Zichen Cave is in charge of everything in Zichen Cave.
Zichen’s cave is transformed by Ziwei Peak, and it was created by wind Zichen. Heaven has given Zichen a name.
Get up. Feng Zichen greets a distant Terran master and asks them to come and enter Zichen’s cave together.
Stroking a light door in the virtual jade seal, the wind zichen stepped in and they hurriedly followed.
The weather in Zichen cave is rich first, and you can feel moist when you take a deep breath when you want to turn into liquid.
Moreover, the weather here is different from the outside world, and the weather here is unusually peaceful, but it can be absorbed by creatures the day after tomorrow.
Aware of this wind zichen heart is very excited.
Later, he was still worried that the Terran God’s sea front method took the initiative to absorb the weather first, and it was still a trouble to find all kinds of spirits then. I didn’t expect to solve this problem perfectly after opening Zichen’s cave.
When the time comes, put the Terrans in the cave the day after tomorrow, and let them out after they open the sea of gods. Anyway, the cave is big enough and there are thousands of miles to come, so many people can let it go.
Keep walking forward and you will see the towering Ziwei Peak, which should no longer be called Ziwei Mountain.
At present, Ziwei Mountain is about a million feet high and spans hundreds of thousands of miles. It is really inappropriate to call the peak.
On the top of the mountain, all kinds of principles are intertwined, expounding that the avenue is secret and chaotic, and it is integrated into the previous weather.
Chaotic primordial qi, the source of heaven and earth, the source of gas, the world was full of chaotic primordial qi at the beginning, but it gradually disappeared with the perfection of heaven, turning it into a paradise.
At present, only the top cave can produce chaotic vitality, while Zichen cave can produce chaotic vitality, which can be said that Xuanhuang’s merits and virtues are really wonderful and poor
Thinking about the innate merits of Ziwei Mountain, Lingbao Fengzichen flew straight to the top of the mountain without delay.
The top of the mountain is full of chaos and vitality, which leads to a colorful spirit pool in the middle of this treasure, which is the treasure of merit and merit.
Feel the wind Zichen coming to Lingchi to feel a sense of joy.
The unity of this pool is equivalent to being refined by Zichen by the wind. Now I feel very kind when I see him, so I take the initiative to stop him from refining.
The wind zichen let out the spirit pool and touched it, and everything came to his mind automatically.
Chapter 19 Demon-ghost orthodoxy
The pool of nature contains the Tao of nature, which is not only a spiritual treasure of forbidding meritorious deeds by the gods, but also a rare treasure.
Is it Chengbao?
Just like the Dragon Gate and the Dragon Pool in the Dragon, although they are not powerful, they can suppress the dragon’s fate and make the dragon really increase its strength.
The pool of nature is this kind of Lingbao, which has no power at all, but can suppress the gas transportation and produce the spirit liquid of nature, which can improve the qualification, high understanding and help people realize the Tao.
Moreover, the integration of Taoism and culture in the pool of nature inherits the fate of Taoism and culture. In the future, if Taoism and culture flourish, the pool of nature will evolve with progress, and more ancestors will be forbidden to be promoted to extremely innate merits and treasures.
When Zichen didn’t have much time, she mastered the pool by forbidding refining and refining.
At this time, Feng Zichen looked at the pool.
The pool of nature is not as big as three feet, and the surface of the pool is full of various colors, flowing endlessly, and there are wisps of natural gas sag.
When I walked into the pool, I saw that it was not a square as Feng Zichen imagined, but a pentagon. On each side, there was a god beast with its head sticking out and its mouth spitting out the spirit of nature.